Duane Broadway Bodybuilder Then And Now

Duane Broadway Then

Duane Broadway was born on September 22, 1961, in Gary, Indiana. He began bodybuilding at the age of 14, and by the time he was 18, he had won the Mr. Indiana Teenage title. In 1984, he won the Mr. America title, and in 1985, he placed second in the Mr. Olympia competition.

Broadway’s bodybuilding career was cut short in 1986 when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He underwent surgery to correct the condition, but he was never able to return to competitive bodybuilding.

After retiring from bodybuilding, Broadway worked as a personal trainer and fitness consultant. He also appeared in several fitness magazines and videos.

Duane Broadway Now

Broadway is now 60 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California. He continues to work as a personal trainer and fitness consultant, and he also owns a gym. Broadway is also a motivational speaker, and he frequently speaks to groups about the importance of health and fitness.

Broadway is a living legend in the bodybuilding community. He is known for his incredible physique and his dedication to health and fitness.

Duane Broadway Bodybuilder

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