Fouad Abiad Bodybuilder Then And Now

Fouad Abiad Then


Fouad Abiad was born on October 15, 1978, in  Windsor, Canada. He began weightlifting at the age of 16, and quickly developed a passion for the sport. In 1989, he won his first bodybuilding competition, the Lebanese National Championships. Abiad continued to compete successfully, and in 1995, he won the IFBB World Championships.

Bodybuilding Career

Abiad’s bodybuilding career spanned over two decades. He won numerous titles, including the IFBB World Championships (1995, 1996, 1997), the Arnold Classic (1999, 2000), and the Mr. Olympia (2002). Abiad was known for his incredible physique, which was characterized by his massive size, muscularity, and symmetry.

Family Background

Abiad is married to Roula Abiad, and they have two children. He is a devout Christian, and he often credits his faith for his success in bodybuilding.

Fouad Abiad Now

Competitive History

Abiad retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2003. He has since been inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame, and he continues to be a respected figure in the bodybuilding community.

Fouad Abiad Bodybuilder

Life History

After retiring from bodybuilding, Abiad pursued a business career. He is the co-founder of Fouad’s Gym, a chain of fitness centers in Lebanon. He is also the author of several books on bodybuilding, including “The Truth About Building Muscle” and “The Abiad Method”.

Current Activities

Abiad continues to be active in the fitness industry. He regularly posts workout videos and nutrition tips on his social media channels. He also travels around the world, giving seminars and workshops on bodybuilding.

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