Kostas Martakis Bodybuilder Then And Now

Kostas Martakis Then

Kostas Martakis was born in Greece on May 25th,1984, in  Athens, Attiki, Greece. He began lifting weights at a young age and quickly developed a passion for bodybuilding. He competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 2002 and won the junior title. He continued to compete in various bodybuilding competitions and won several awards, including the Mr. Greece title in 2006.

Martakis’s bodybuilding career was cut short in 2008 when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He underwent surgery to correct the condition and was forced to retire from competitive bodybuilding. However, he continued to train and stay in shape, and in 2012 he made a comeback to competitive bodybuilding.

Martakis has a family history of bodybuilding. His father, Dimitrios Martakis, was a professional bodybuilder, and his brother, George Martakis, is also a bodybuilder.

Competitive History

Martakis has competed in various bodybuilding competitions, including the Mr. Greece, the Mr. World, and the Mr. Olympia competitions. He has won several awards, including the Mr. Greece title in 2006.

Here is a list of Martakis’s competitive history:

  • 2002: Mr. Greece (junior), 1st place
  • 2004: Mr. Greece, 2nd place
  • 2005: Mr. Greece, 1st place
  • 2006: Mr. Greece, 1st place
  • 2007: Mr. World, 5th place
  • 2008: Mr. Olympia, 12th place

Kostas Martakis Now

Martakis is now retired from competitive bodybuilding. He continues to train and stay in shape, and he is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He is married and has two children.

Martakis is a role model for many aspiring bodybuilders. He is known for his hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. He is an inspiration to everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.

Kostas Martakis Bodybuilder

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