Junior Tafa Bodybuilder Then And Now

By / March 11, 2024

Junior Tafa Then

Background and Early Life

Born in Tonga in 1983, Junior Tafa’s childhood was marked by humble beginnings. He immigrated to New Zealand with his family at a young age, where his passion for fitness ignited.

Bodybuilding Career

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tafa embarked on his bodybuilding journey at age 15. In 1999, he won his first competition at the Auckland Novice Bodybuilding Championships. Over the next decade, he dominated the sport, winning numerous titles, including:

  • Mr. New Zealand (2005-2007)
  • Mr. South Pacific (2006, 2008)
  • Mr. Olympia Amateur (2007)


Tafa is married to his wife, Milika, and they have three children together. Family has always been a pillar of support in his life, providing motivation and balance.

Junior Tafa Then

Junior Tafa Now

Competitive History

After retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 2009, Tafa remained active in the sport. He served as a judge for competitions and mentored aspiring bodybuilders.

Life After Competition

Tafa transitioned seamlessly into life beyond competition. He launched a successful fitness and nutrition business, Tafa Fitness. Additionally, he became a sought-after speaker, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals.

Current Endeavors

Today, Tafa continues to be an influential figure in the fitness industry. He is involved in various projects, including:

  • Running Tafa Fitness, a leading fitness and nutrition company
  • Mentoring and advising aspiring bodybuilders
  • Motivational speaking and sharing his fitness insights
Junior Tafa Now

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