Rubiel Mosquera Bodybuilder Then and Now

By / April 25, 2024

Rubiel Mosquera Now

Rubiel Mosquera, known in the bodybuilding world as “Nickzilla,” hails from the vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia. 

From a young age, Rubiel displayed a profound passion for sports and physical fitness, laying the foundation for his remarkable journey into the realm of bodybuilding. 

His innate drive and determination propelled him to pursue his fitness goals with unwavering dedication.

In his formative years, Rubiel Mosquera exhibited an exceptional work ethic, spending countless hours in the gym perfecting his physique and pushing his limits. 

His commitment to training and discipline quickly garnered attention from fellow bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, establishing him as a rising star in the Colombian fitness community.

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Rubiel’s competitive journey began in earnest with his participation in the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro South America contest, where he clinched second place in the Men’s Bodybuilding class. 

This early success set the stage for his future accomplishments on the bodybuilding circuit.

In the same year, Rubiel Mosquera secured a significant victory at the South American Championships, emerging triumphant in the Men’s Bodybuilding division. 

His stellar performance solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive bodybuilding arena.

Despite facing undisclosed challenges in 2020, Rubiel remained undeterred in his pursuit of excellence. 

He made a comeback in 2021, competing at the Mr. & Ms. Europe Pro and securing a commendable fifth place in the highly competitive event.

In 2022, Rubiel Mosquera faced off against elite bodybuilders from across Europe at the Mr. and Ms. Europe Pro in Barcelona. 

Despite fierce competition, he demonstrated his mettle by clinching third place in the Men’s Bodybuilding class, further cementing his status as a formidable contender on the international stage.

Rubiel’s journey reached new heights in 2023 when he made his debut appearance at the IFBB Pro Show, the EVLS Prague Pro Show. 

Going head-to-head against top-tier competitors like Samson Dauda and Michal Krizo, he showcased his impressive physique and secured an impressive third-place finish, signaling his arrival as a formidable presence in the IFBB Pro circuit.

Rubiel Mosquera Competition History

  • 2019, IFBB Elite, Pro South America, Men’s Bodybuilding, 2nd
  • 2019, IFBB (Amateur), South American Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – over 100 kg, 1st
  • 2019, IFBB Elite Pro, Cancun, Men’s Bodybuilding, 3rd
  • 2021, IFBB Elite Pro, Mr. and Ms. Europe Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 5th
  • 2021, IFBB Elite Pro, Mr. Universe Elite Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 10th
  • 2021, IFBB Elite Pro, South American Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding, 1st
  • 2022, IFBB Elite Pro, Mr. Universe Elite Pro, Women’s Bikini-Fitness, 3rd
  • 2022, IFBB Elite Pro, Miss and Mister Europe Elite Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 3rd
  • 2023, IFBB Pro, EVLS Prague Pro Show, 3rd Place

Rubiel Mosquera Now

rubiel mosquera height
via rubiel mosquera instagram

Rubiel Mosquera, affectionately known as “Neckzilla,” has garnered widespread attention in the bodybuilding world due to his remarkable physique, characterized by his massive neck measuring an impressive 20 inches. 

Hailing from Colombia, this 29-year-old IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches, making him a formidable presence on the bodybuilding stage.

In 2023, Rubiel achieved a significant milestone in his career by earning his IFBB Pro card at the prestigious event held in Elvs Prague. 

This accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in Mosquera’s journey, opening doors for him to compete at the professional level and showcase his exceptional physique on a larger platform.

As he prepares for his professional debut, Rubiel Mosquera is poised to take on formidable competitors in the world of bodybuilding, including renowned athletes such as Samson Dauda, Michal Krizo, and Nathan De Asha. 

The prospect of witnessing these talented individuals compete promises an electrifying showdown of skill, dedication, and athleticism on the professional bodybuilding circuit.

With an impressive following of 753K on Instagram, Rubiel Mosquera regularly shares workout videos and photos, offering fans and enthusiasts a glimpse into his training regimen and journey towards excellence. 

While his solid physique and balanced shape are certainly noteworthy, it is his awe-inspiring neck size that has captivated the attention of audiences worldwide.

Looking ahead, Rubiel Mosquera has the potential to compete against some of the biggest names in bodybuilding, including Big Ramy, Blessing Awodibu, Nick Walker, Brandon Curry, Charles Griffen, Nathan De Asha, and Hunter Labrada. 

With his dedication to training and passion for fitness, Mosquera is poised to make waves in the competitive bodybuilding scene and carve out a name for himself among the sport’s elite athletes.

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