Ray Arde Bodybuilder Then And Now

## Ray Arde Then

### Bodybuilding Career

Ray Arde, born on September 10, 1945, in Queens, New York, is an American bodybuilder, fitness writer, and businessman. He rose to prominence in the bodybuilding scene in the 1970s, known for his massive and symmetrical physique.

Arde began his bodybuilding journey at the age of 18, inspired by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. He quickly gained recognition for his remarkable muscle development and was featured in numerous bodybuilding magazines. In 1969, he competed in his first professional bodybuilding competition, the AAU Mr. America, where he placed first in the Teenage Mr. America category.

### Family Background

Ray Arde was born into a large Italian-American family. He grew up in Ozone Park, Queens, where he attended Archbishop Molloy High School. Arde credits his strong work ethic and determination to his upbringing in a family that valued hard work and dedication.

Ray Arde Then

## Competitive History

Throughout his bodybuilding career, Ray Arde achieved numerous accolades and awards. In 1973, he won the AAU Mr. International title, solidifying his place as one of the top bodybuilders in the world. He also placed third in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition in 1975 and 1976.

## Life History

Outside of bodybuilding, Ray Arde has been involved in various business ventures. He has authored several books on fitness and nutrition, including “The Arde Guide to Natural Bodybuilding” and “The Arde Fat Loss Plan.” Arde is also the founder of Arde Fitness Products, a company that produces and sells fitness equipment and supplements.

## Ray Arde Now

Ray Arde retired from competitive bodybuilding in the late 1970s but has remained active in the fitness industry. He continues to write articles and give lectures on fitness and nutrition. Arde is also the owner and operator of Gold’s Gym in Smithtown, New York, one of the most renowned bodybuilding gyms in the country.

Despite being in his late 70s, Ray Arde maintains an impressive physique, regularly working out and following a healthy diet. He is a testament to the transformative power of bodybuilding and the lifelong benefits of fitness.

 Ray Arde Now

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