Mboya Edwards Bodybuilder Then And Now

By / March 12, 2024

Mboya Edwards Then

Mboya Edwards was born on July 12, 1954, in Nairobi, Kenya. He grew up in a poor family, and he had to work hard from a young age to help support his family. Edwards began bodybuilding in his late teens, and he quickly showed a natural talent for the sport. He won his first bodybuilding competition in 1976, and he went on to win many more titles throughout his career. Edwards competed in the Mr. Olympia competition four times, and he finished in the top six each time.

Edwards is married to Robin Edwards, and they have two children. He is currently retired from bodybuilding, and he lives in California.

Competitive History

  • 1976: 1st place, Mr. Kenya
  • 1977: 1st place, Mr. East Africa
  • 1978: 2nd place, Mr. Olympia
  • 1979: 3rd place, Mr. Olympia
  • 1980: 4th place, Mr. Olympia
  • 1981: 5th place, Mr. Olympia

Mboya Edwards Now

Edwards is now retired from bodybuilding, but he remains active in the fitness industry. He is a personal trainer, and he also runs a gym in California. Edwards is also a motivational speaker, and he travels the world sharing his story and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Mboya Edwards Bodybuilder

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