Juuso Syrjä Bodybuilder Then And Now

### Juuso Syrjä: Then

**Bodybuilder History:**

– Born in 1984 in Finland
– Began bodybuilding at age 15
– Trained under coach Jari Niininen
– Won the Finnish Bodybuilding Championships in 2007 and 2009
– Earned his IFBB Pro Card in 2010

**Family Background:**

– Parents are divorced
– Has an older sister and a younger brother
– Currently resides in Tampere, Finland

### Juuso Syrjä: Competitive History

– **Amateur:**
– 2007 Finnish Bodybuilding Championships (Overall Winner)
– 2009 Finnish Bodybuilding Championships (Overall Winner)
– **Professional:**
– 2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe (7th)
– 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe (6th)
– 2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe (5th)
– 2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe (3rd)
– 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe (2nd)
– **Other Achievements:**
– Featured in numerous bodybuilding magazines
– Has a clothing line
– Owns a gym

### Juuso Syrjä: Now

**Current Activities:**

– Continues to train and compete in bodybuilding
– Has opened multiple gyms in Finland
– Sponsors several athletes
– Holds motivational seminars
– Has a popular YouTube channel where he shares training and nutrition tips

**Life History:**

– Has overcome numerous injuries and surgeries
– Is known for his dedication and hard work
– Is a strong advocate for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle
– Is married to Jenni Sirja and has two children

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