Kelly Ryan Bodybuilder Then And Now

Kelly Ryan: Then

Background and Early Life

Kelly Ryan was born on May 27, 1983, in San Pedro, California. Her passion for fitness emerged at a young age, and she began weight training at 16. Inspired by the muscular physiques of female bodybuilders, Ryan dedicated herself to pursuing a career in the sport.

Bodybuilding Career

In 2004, Ryan entered her first bodybuilding competition, the NPC Los Angeles Championships. Despite being a newcomer, she impressed judges with her impressive muscle mass and conditioning. She went on to win numerous regional and national competitions, earning her pro card in 2008.

Professional Achievements

As a professional bodybuilder, Ryan competed in various IFBB Pro League events. Her most notable accomplishments include:

* 2010 IFBB Pro Bikini Champion
* 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Bikini Champion
* 2014 IFBB Olympia Bikini Champion (2nd Place)

Family and Personal Life

Outside of bodybuilding, Ryan is married to fellow bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. The couple has a son named Hunter. Ryan is also an advocate for women’s fitness and empowerment, regularly sharing her journey and advice on social media.

Kelly Ryan: Then

Kelly Ryan: Now

Current Activities

After a successful competitive career, Ryan transitioned to other aspects of the fitness industry. She works as a fitness coach, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, she is the co-founder of the nutrition company Prime Nutrition.

Ryan remains active in the bodybuilding community, attending events and sharing her expertise. She is also an ambassador for various fitness brands, including 1st Phorm and GymShark.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Ryan has shifted her focus to online fitness content. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she shares workout tutorials, nutrition advice, and motivational videos. She also launched an app, “The Kelly Ryan Fit App,” which provides tailored fitness programs.

Influence and Legacy

Kelly Ryan has become an influential figure in the fitness industry. Her success in bodybuilding and her dedication to women’s empowerment have inspired countless aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Ryan’s legacy as a pioneering female bodybuilder and a role model for healthy living continues to inspire today.

Kelly Ryan: Now

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