Jo Lindner Bodybuilder Then and Now

By / March 11, 2024

Jo Lindner Then

Born on December 24, 1971, in Lindau, Germany, Jo Lindner is a former professional bodybuilder known for his impressive physique and competitive achievements.

Lindner began his bodybuilding journey at a young age and quickly became recognized for his exceptional genetics and dedication to training.

He won his first bodybuilding competition in 1998 and went on to compete in numerous national and international events.

Lindner’s bodybuilding career peaked in the early 2000s when he won several prestigious titles, including the 2003 Arnold Classic and the 2005 Mr. Olympia Masters.

Outside of bodybuilding, Lindner is a successful businessman and owner of several fitness-related companies.

He is also a certified personal trainer and has helped many aspiring bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals.

Lindner is married to fellow bodybuilder Andrea Shaw and they have three children.

jo lindner young
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Jo Lindner Competitive History

  • 1998: 1st place, German National Bodybuilding Championships
  • 2000: 2nd place, Arnold Classic
  • 2001: 3rd place, Mr. Olympia
  • 2003: 1st place, Arnold Classic
  • 2005: 1st place, Mr. Olympia Masters

Jo Lindner Now

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After retiring from competitive bodybuilding, Lindner has continued to be involved in the fitness industry.

He owns and operates several gyms and fitness centers and is a highly sought-after personal trainer.

Lindner is also a regular contributor to fitness magazines and websites and has published several books on bodybuilding and nutrition.

In addition to his fitness endeavors, Lindner is also a passionate philanthropist. He works with several charities that support children and families in need.

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