Angel Rangel Vargas Bodybuilder Then And Now

Angel Rangel Vargas: Then


Angel Rangel Vargas, a renowned bodybuilder, was born on 28 November 1982, in the vibrant city of Monterrey, Mexico. From a young age, he exhibited a passion for fitness and a competitive spirit. Vargas’s bodybuilding journey began at the tender age of 16 when he was inspired by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bodybuilding Career

Vargas’s bodybuilding career took off in 1998 when he won the NPC North American Championships. This triumph propelled him into the national spotlight and earned him the prestigious IFBB Pro Card. He then went on to compete in numerous high-profile competitions, including the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia. Vargas’s impressive physique and unwavering determination helped him achieve notable success on the bodybuilding stage.

Family Background

Vargas comes from a supportive and close-knit family. His parents, Francisco and Maria Vargas, have always been his biggest fans and unwavering supporters. Vargas is married to Monica Vargas, and together they have two beautiful children, Angel Jr. and Monica Jr. Family values are of utmost importance to Vargas, and he believes that balance between his personal and professional life is essential.

Competitive History

Vargas’s competitive history is marked by both triumphs and setbacks. He has won several prestigious competitions, including the NPC North American Championships (1998), the Arnold Classic (2006), and the Mr. Olympia (2008). However, he also faced challenges along the way, including a severe injury in 2010 that threatened his career. Despite these obstacles, Vargas’s unwavering spirit and determination have enabled him to overcome adversity and continue competing at the highest level.

Angel Rangel Vargas: Now

Current Activities

Today, Vargas is still an active bodybuilder and continues to compete in various competitions. He also owns and operates his gym, Elite Fitness, in Monterrey, Mexico. Vargas is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for bodybuilding with others and is a sought-after coach and mentor.

Angel Rangel Vargas Bodybuilder


Angel Rangel Vargas’s impressive bodybuilding career and unwavering dedication to the sport have left a lasting legacy in the bodybuilding world. He is admired for his exceptional physique, competitive spirit, and commitment to his craft. Vargas’s accomplishments have inspired countless aspiring bodybuilders and left an indelible mark on the bodybuilding community.

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