Yaxeni Oriquen Bodybuilder Then And Now

By / March 11, 2024

Yaxeni Oriquen Bodybuilder: Then

History, Bodybuilding Career, and Family Background

Yaxeni Oriquen was born on September 3, 1966, in Cabimas, Venezuela. Yaxeni Oriquen’s passion for fitness began at an early age.

In 2005, she entered her first bodybuilding competition at the age of 19. Oriquen quickly rose through the ranks, earning her IFBB Pro card in 2009.

Throughout her career, Oriquen has been known for her impressive physique and dedication to the sport. She has competed in various bodybuilding competitions, including the Ms. Olympia, where she placed in the top 10 multiple times.

Oriquen credits her success to her hard work, discipline, and determination. She is also a strong advocate for women in bodybuilding and has used her platform to empower and inspire others.

Competitive History

  • 2005: Ms. Venezuela, 1st place
  • 2006: Ms. International, 2nd place
  • 2007: Ms. Olympia, 9th place
  • 2008: Ms. Olympia, 7th place
  • 2009: Ms. Olympia, 6th place
  • 2010: Ms. Olympia, 5th place
  • 2011: Ms. Olympia, 4th place
  • 2012: Ms. Olympia, 3rd place
  • 2013: Ms. Olympia, 2nd place
  • 2014: Ms. Olympia, 1st place

Yaxeni Oriquen Bodybuilder: Now

After retiring from professional bodybuilding, Oriquen has remained active in the fitness industry.

She is currently a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and uses her expertise to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Oriquen is also a motivational speaker and has shared her story of success with audiences around the world.

In her personal life, Oriquen is married to fellow bodybuilder Victor Martinez. The couple has two children together.

Yaxeni Oriquen is an inspiration to many and continues to be a force in the fitness community.

Yaxeni Oriquen Bodybuilder

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