Pierluigi Scalia Bodybuilder Then And Now

Pierluigi Scalia Then

Pierluigi Scalia was born on January 1, 1983, in Messina, Sicily, Italy. He began training with weights at the age of 16 and quickly developed a passion for bodybuilding. In 2004, he won the Italian Junior National Championships and turned professional in 2006.

Scalia’s competitive career was marked by several notable achievements. He won the Arnold Classic in 2009 and 2010, and the New York Pro in 2011. He also placed in the top five at the Mr. Olympia contest four times.

Outside of bodybuilding, Scalia has worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist. He has also appeared in several fitness magazines and television shows.

Competitive History

  • 2004 Italian Junior National Championships – 1st place
  • 2006 IFBB European Amateur Championships – 1st place
  • 2007 IFBB World Amateur Championships – 2nd place
  • 2009 Arnold Classic – 1st place
  • 2010 Arnold Classic – 1st place
  • 2011 New York Pro – 1st place
  • 2012 Mr. Olympia – 4th place
  • 2013 Mr. Olympia – 5th place
  • 2014 Mr. Olympia – 4th place
  • 2015 Mr. Olympia – 5th place

Pierluigi Scalia Now

Scalia retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2015. He now works as a personal trainer and nutritionist, and he also owns a supplement company. He continues to train regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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