Julian Tanaka Bodybuilder Then and Now

By / April 22, 2024

Julian Tanaka Then

Julian Tanaka, born on May 13, 1988, in Colombia, found his passion for bodybuilding during his high school years.

It all began when his friends decided to join a local gym and commit to regular workouts.

Not wanting to be left behind and inspired by his friends’ dedication, Julian Tanaka decided to join them and start weight training himself.

From the very first session, Julian Tanaka was hooked. His natural strength and size, coupled with his prior experience in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art known for its acrobatic and athletic elements, provided a solid foundation for his foray into bodybuilding.

julian tanaka bodybuilder
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Julian Tanaka quickly adapted to the world of weight training, and the results were evident.

In addition to his friends’ influence, Julian Tanaka found support and motivation from his uncle, who was an experienced bodybuilder with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

His uncle played a pivotal role in Julian Tanaka’s early training days, offering guidance, and encouragement, and teaching him the basics of bodybuilding.

Grateful for his uncle’s mentorship, Julian Tanaka acknowledges the impact his uncle had on his journey, stating that his guidance laid the groundwork for his continued dedication to training.

With his uncle’s support and his own determination, Julian Tanaka embarked on a journey of self-improvement through bodybuilding, shaping his physique and setting the stage for his future in the sport.

Julian Tanaka Career History

After establishing a solid foundation in bodybuilding, Julian Tanaka began to showcase his skills and dedication on the competitive stage.

Competing in various bodybuilding shows, including prestigious events like Muscle Mania and Mr. Colombia, Julian Tanaka demonstrated his commitment to the sport and his desire to excel in his craft.

In 2015, Julian Tanaka achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the only Colombian athlete to hold Pro cards in both the Fitness and Male Model categories.

This achievement not only solidified his status as a top competitor but also highlighted his versatility and prowess across different divisions within bodybuilding.

Julian Tanaka’s success in the competitive arena has elevated him to the status of a leading figure and motivational icon in Latin American bodybuilding.

His achievements serve as inspiration for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike, demonstrating what can be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the sport.

Beyond his accomplishments in Colombia, Julian Tanaka has expanded his reach and impact by sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for bodybuilding with a global audience.

Through his online presence and platforms, he reaches millions of individuals worldwide, offering valuable insights, training tips, and motivational content.

As Julian Tanaka continues to evolve and grow as a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, he remains committed to his journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

With each passing year, he strives to push the boundaries of his capabilities, learn new skills, and inspire others to pursue their fitness goals with determination and resilience.

Julian Tanaka Now

julian tanaka biceps
via julian tanakan instagram

Julian Tanaka, at 36 years old, stands as a multifaceted individual who has made significant strides in both his professional career and his passion for bodybuilding.

With a robust Instagram following of over 517,000, Julian Tanaka has leveraged social media to showcase his physique, share his fitness journey, and inspire others on a global scale.

His online presence has not only earned him a substantial following but has also attracted sponsorships from notable brands like Strong Lift Wear and Megaplex Stars, affirming his status as a respected figure in the fitness industry.

Beyond his accomplishments in bodybuilding, Julian Tanaka has pursued academic and professional endeavors, further demonstrating his drive and ambition.

He has studied to become a Marketing Manager and currently serves as a Global Sports Logistic Manager for a leading sports company.

This dual commitment to his career and his passion for bodybuilding showcase Julian Tanaka’s versatility and determination to excel in various domains of life.

Despite his busy schedule and professional responsibilities, Julian Tanaka remains dedicated to his fitness pursuits and continues to compete in competitions and engage in modeling shoots.

His commitment to maintaining his physique and representing his best self on stage reflects his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Moreover, Julian Tanaka’s ability to balance his professional career with his passion for bodybuilding serves as a testament to his exceptional work ethic and ability to pursue his goals with diligence and perseverance.

As Julian Tanaka continues to shine in both his professional and personal endeavors, he serves as an inspiration to individuals worldwide.

His journey exemplifies the power of resilience, hard work, and determination to achieve success in multiple facets of life.

Through his accomplishments and influence, Julian Tanaka inspires others to pursue their dreams relentlessly and strive for excellence in all their pursuits.

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