Brandon Hendrickson Bodybuilder Then And Now

Brandon Hendrickson Then

Early Life and Bodybuilding Beginnings

Brandon Hendrickson was born on June 6th, 1987, in Edmonton, Canada. He developed an interest in fitness and bodybuilding at a young age and began training consistently in his early teens. Hendrickson’s hard work and dedication soon paid off, as he began to build an impressive physique.

Competitive Career

Hendrickson made his competitive debut in 2010 at the NPC Western Canadian Championships, where he placed first in the men’s middleweight class. This victory marked the beginning of a successful competitive career for Hendrickson, who went on to win numerous other titles, including:

* 2011 NPC Nationals Overall Champion
* 2012 IFBB New York Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Champion
* 2014 IFBB Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Champion

Hendrickson’s impressive physique and stage presence earned him a reputation as one of the most promising bodybuilders of his generation. He represented Canada on the international stage and was widely regarded as a potential Mr. Olympia contender.

Family Background

Hendrickson comes from a supportive family who has been instrumental in his success. His parents, Dave and Debbie Hendrickson, have always encouraged his bodybuilding aspirations. Hendrickson also has a younger brother, Dustin, who is also a fitness enthusiast.

Brandon Hendrickson Now

Current Activities

Hendrickson retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2018 due to injuries. Since then, he has focused on other aspects of the fitness industry, including:

* Personal training
* Fitness modeling
* Supplement endorsements

Hendrickson remains an active advocate for fitness and healthy living. He regularly shares his workout plans, nutrition tips, and motivational messages with his followers on social media.

Brandon Hendrickson Bodybuilder


Brandon Hendrickson’s impact on the bodybuilding world is undeniable. He is remembered as one of the most successful and respected bodybuilders of his time. Hendrickson’s dedication, hard work, and inspiring story continue to motivate and inspire countless fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

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