Jeff Willet Bodybuilder Then And Now

Jeff Willet Then

Jeff Willet was born on June 16, 1960, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was born with a condition called arthrogryposis, which affects the development of joints and muscles. As a result of this condition, Willet was born with severely deformed hands and feet.

Despite his physical challenges, Willet developed a strong interest in bodybuilding at a young age. He began working out in his basement, and quickly made progress. In 1983, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition and won the title of Mr. Toronto.

In 1985, Willet competed in the Mr. Canada competition and finished in second place. He continued to compete in bodybuilding competitions throughout the 1980s and 1990s and won several titles, including the Mr. World title in 1993.

Willet is also a successful businessman. He owns and operates several gyms, and has also developed a line of fitness supplements. He is also a motivational speaker and has written several books on bodybuilding.

Willet is married to his wife Rhonda, and they have two children.

Competitive History

  • 1983 Mr. Toronto – 1st
  • 1985 Mr. Canada – 2nd
  • 1986 Mr. World – 3rd
  • 1987 Mr. World – 2nd
  • 1988 Mr. World – 1st
  • 1989 Mr. World – 2nd
  • 1990 Mr. World – 1st
  • 1991 Mr. World – 2nd
  • 1992 Mr. World – 3rd
  • 1993 Mr. World – 1st

Jeff Willet Now

Jeff Willet is still actively involved in the fitness industry. He continues to own and operate several gyms and is also a motivational speaker and author. He has recently developed a new line of fitness supplements and is also working on a new book.

Willet is grateful for the opportunities that bodybuilding has given him. He is proud of what he has accomplished and is committed to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Jeff Willet Bodybuilder

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