Dave Goodin Bodybuilder Then And Now

By / March 11, 2024

Dave Goodin Then

Dave Goodin was born on May 16, 1950, in San Diego, California. He began lifting weights at the age of 16, and quickly developed a passion for bodybuilding. In 1973, he won the Mr. America title, and in 1979, he won the Mr. Olympia title.

Goodin is known for his massive size and strength. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs over 300 pounds. He has a bench press of over 500 pounds, and a squat of over 700 pounds.

Goodin’s bodybuilding career was marred by his use of anabolic steroids. He began using steroids in the early 1970s, and he continued to use them throughout his career. Steroids helped him to gain size and strength, but they also caused him a number of health problems, including liver damage, heart disease, and kidney failure.

Goodin retired from bodybuilding in 1985. He has since written several books about bodybuilding, and he has appeared in a number of documentaries about the sport.

Goodin is married to his wife, Kathleen, and they have two children. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Dave Goodin Bodybuilder

Competitive History

* 1973 Mr. America – 1st place
* 1979 Mr. Olympia – 1st place
* 1980 Mr. Olympia – 2nd place
* 1981 Mr. Olympia – 3rd place
* 1982 Mr. Olympia – 4th place
* 1983 Mr. Olympia – 5th place
* 1984 Mr. Olympia – 6th place
* 1985 Mr. Olympia – 7th place

Dave Goodin Now

Goodin is now 72 years old, and he is still in good health. He continues to lift weights, and he enjoys spending time with his family. Goodin is also a successful businessman, and he owns a number of businesses in the fitness industry.

Goodin is a legend in the bodybuilding community, and he is an inspiration to many people. He is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

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