Leonel Strongman Bodybuilder Then And Now

Leonel Strongman: Then

Leonel Strongman was born in 1985 in Brazil. He began his bodybuilding journey at a young age, inspired by his idols Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. Strongman quickly made a name for himself in the bodybuilding community, winning several local and regional competitions.

In 2008, Strongman turned professional and made his debut at the Arnold Classic. He placed 15th in his first competition, but did not give up. Strongman continued to train hard and improve his physique, eventually earning a top 10 finish at the Mr. Olympia in 2012.

Strongman is known for his muscular physique, which he has developed through years of dedication and hard work. He has competed in various bodybuilding competitions, including the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia. He is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Competitive History

  • 2008 Arnold Classic: 15th place
  • 2010 Arnold Classic: 10th place
  • 2012 Mr. Olympia: 10th place
  • 2014 Arnold Classic: 8th place
  • 2016 Mr. Olympia: 12th place

Strongman has also competed in and won several powerlifting competitions. He holds the world record in the raw deadlift, with a lift of 1,010 pounds.

Leonel Strongman: Now

Strongman continues to compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. He is also a successful personal trainer and nutrition coach. Strongman has his own line of supplements and apparel. He is married and has two children.

Strongman is a role model for many aspiring bodybuilders. He has shown that with dedication and hard work, it is possible to achieve great things. Strongman is an inspiration to all who are looking to improve their health and fitness.

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