Greg Doucette Bodybuilder Then And Now

Greg Doucette Then

Greg Doucette was born on November 15, 1975, in Nova Scotia, Canada. He began lifting weights at a young age, and by the time he was 18, he had already won several bodybuilding competitions. In 2001, he won the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships, and in 2002, he placed second at the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships.

Doucette’s bodybuilding career was cut short in 2003 when he was diagnosed with a torn bicep. He underwent surgery, but the injury never fully healed. As a result, he was forced to retire from competitive bodybuilding.

After retiring from bodybuilding, Doucette began a career as a personal trainer. He also started a YouTube channel, where he posted videos about bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition. His channel quickly gained popularity, and he now has over 1 million subscribers.

Greg Doucette Then

Greg Doucette Now

Doucette is still active in the fitness industry. He continues to train regularly, and he also gives online coaching to people who want to improve their physiques. He is also a popular speaker at bodybuilding and fitness events.

In addition to his fitness career, Doucette is also a successful businessman. He owns a supplement company, and he also has a line of clothing.

Doucette is a controversial figure in the bodybuilding community. He is known for his outspoken personality, and he often makes controversial statements about bodybuilding and fitness. However, he is also a respected figure in the industry, and his advice is sought after by many people who want to improve their physiques.

Greg Doucette Now

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